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Get to know a little about the Metaverse economy and how it can be used in real life

The Metaverse universe refers to a parallel, digital world. It is based on an augmented reality, but its construction process and improvements require a lot of collaboration and resources from the world’s largest corporations. Facebook and Microsoft are already among the developers of this digital reality.

What this article covers:

The metaverse comprises thousands of virtually created worlds that are connected to each other and also to the physical world in which we live.

It is possible that with the existence of these worlds, the economy solidifies and becomes increasingly stronger, as it encompasses work and leisure. Meanwhile, major industries and financial markets, areas of education, and health change. Companies will be able to develop in the technologies present in different sectors of the metaverse.

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According to Google’s director of engineering, Raymond Kurzweilin the late 2030s it is possible that the entire world will spend more time inside the metaverse than in the physical universe we live in today.

To create a new world, it is first necessary to strengthen the economy. This can be done through services and goods that are not yet operational.

How will this parallel world work?

The entire digital universe will become the metaverse, within this universe it will be possible to enjoy various features, such as even teleporting quickly as a hologram to reach the desired place.

Unlike the virtual realities that already exist in video games, for example, the tool will also provide forms of entertainment and leisure, such as cinema, education, games and concerts. There will also be varied job careers.

According to a report released by Bank Of America, the new generation Z will be responsible for driving the entire metaverse and its use of entertainment-oriented holograms.

It is a universe created in the digital environment through augmented reality. In short, it is a world parallel to ours built by digital means of the world’s leading corporations. Furthermore, the metaverse tries to reconstruct our reality.

It is a borderless and collective area that results in the sum of the Internet, augmented and virtual reality. Even with so much information about it, there is still a lot to be worked on for the idea to solidify. Currently, companies like Facebook, Nike and Microsoft are already working in favor of this new technology.

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