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get the wet hair effect

Practical and elegant, the wet hair effect is one of the trends you’ll want to try this season!

Lately, fashion shows and red carpets have been invaded by a trend that marked the 80s: wet hair – the wet hair effect.

But, if you haven’t heard about this trend yet, then get to know it and find out how to reproduce the suggestions we have for you.

You will see that it is quite easy and that it quickly adapts to different occasions.

Already in the mood to try it out?

3 products to achieve the wet hair effect

This look has been successful among many personalities who, surprisingly, have been putting aside hairstyles full of volume and shine.

However, despite being the brand image of famous and influencersknow that you can easily reproduce them in the comfort of your home, just with the help of the right products.

fixing lacquer

Protects from UV rays and the frizz effect caused by humidity. High power lacquer.


styling spray

styling spray

Heat-activated styling effect with thermal protection for hair with long-lasting body and volume.


fixing gel

Smooth and shiny hair. High fixing power, leaving no residue.


Wet hair hairstyle ideas

Practical, sophisticated and versatile, you’ll save a lot of time when it comes to getting ready. Leave the dryer in the drawer and get inspired by the different suggestions we have for you!

slip back

With hair completely wet, remove excess water with a towel. then apply spray hair styler and comb it from roots to ends, detangling it completely, with a wide-toothed comb.

To fix it, use modeling wax. Apply a small amount in the palm of your hands, and work it through your hair: you can do it from the roots to the ends to get the same effect, or up to the nape of the neck for a wet/natural contrast.


practical sleek hair

O sleek back it’s maybe the hairstyle wet hair simpler and faster to play – and it’s perfect for your everyday life.

messy hair

With wet hair, apply spray of salt (or spray beach waves), to give you more volume and keep your shape. Spread modeling wax between your hands and run it through the entire length of the hair, without untangling it. Use your hands for a more disheveled effect.

Finish using a spray fixative.

messy hair

messy hair stripped

This more laid-back and relaxed look perfectly combines many looks and occasions.

high ponytail

To achieve this, gather all your hair at the crown of your head. With the help of a comb and your hands, smooth it out to make it even and so that there are no loose hairs.

Secure your ponytail with a strong hair elastic, and finish with spray fixative.

You can also put the gel or spray for hair only on the top part, thus leaving the ponytail more natural.

cool ponytail

If you prefer to opt for a more discreet look, but still chic and sophisticated, the ponytail is perfect for you. Thanks to its versatility, you’ll want to use it both day and night.

low bun

apply gel or spray curling iron between your hands, and run it through the entire length of your hair. She combs it back and secures it in a low ponytail at the nape of her neck. If you prefer, you can also leave the central stripe visible.

Wrap your ponytail around the elastic, thus creating a low bun. Finally, hide the end of your hair, holding it with the help of hairpins, or leave a few strands loose for a more relaxed look.


relaxed bun

This hairstyle is synonymous with elegance and you will want to use it and abuse it in ceremonies and special occasions.

Fish Tail Braid

Start by applying gel or spray curling iron along the entire length of your hair. Make a ponytail, close to the nape of the neck, using a small transparent elastic. Divide your hair into two sections, holding each side in each hand.

Separate a small section from the right part and join it to the left part. With a small section from the left part, cross it to join the right part. Repeat this process until the braid is finished. Use another clear rubber band to tie off the end.

If your hair starts to dry in the meantime, start pulling the end of your braid. Thus, your hair will appear to have more volume and your braid will look more laid-back.

lock fish tail

relaxed braid

Want to get a more relaxed look? Why not try a braid?

From short to longer hair, from straight to wavy… have you seen how these hairstyles adapt to your style and are easy to recreate? Try these suggestions of ours and bet on a more fresh this season.

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