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Get motivated by controlling your thoughts – Manzanaroja

If you want your diet to work, change your thinking! Sometimes, even though you are very convinced that you want to lose weight, some thoughts boycott your attempts to lose weight. If you learn to modify these thoughts, the road to health will be more bearable.
Possible sabotaging thoughts:
  1. It’s unfair that I can’t eat everything I want.
    • ANSWER: I have done so for a long time. Today I deserve to take better care of myself, obtaining benefits for my health and for my self-esteem by being thinner.
  2. When I’m hungry I have to eat immediately
    • ANSWER: Hunger is not an emergency, I can put up with it and wait until the next meal.
  3. I am forced to say that I am on a diet.
    • ANSWER: I am not obliged to say it. But if I wanted to, I could find allies who would support me and help me not to eat too much.
  4. I don’t have time to eat slowly.
    • ANSWER: I can better plan my schedule to have more time.
  5. I can’t resist the urge to eat
    • ANSWER: I can resist it, using the techniques I’ve learned and waiting 5 minutes for it to go away. Afterwards, I’ll be even more proud of myself!

What are your sabotaging thoughts? Write them down and learn to respond in the appropriate way.

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