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Gervonta Davis pleads guilty to four counts and awaits sentencing, however fight against Ryan Garcia would not be at risk

Gervonta Davis pleaded guilty to 4 counts.

Photo: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Out-of-the-ring troubles continue for talented American boxer Gervonta Davis and this time pleaded guilty to four counts related to a traffic accident, in which he left four people injured and then fled. The injured included a pregnant woman.

The event occurred on November 5, 2020, at that time, Gervonta was celebrating her latest boxing triumph and also her birthday in a nightclub. It was then that aboard his 2020 Lamborghini Urus SUV, he collided with a 2004 Toyota Solaraafter ignoring a traffic light, this is how the Baltimore Police reported it at that time.

The crimes of which the world lightweight and super featherweight champion pleaded guilty are hit-and-run.

The controversies of Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis’ statement was given after agreeing to a plea agreement after the trial for the aforementioned acts committed in 2020 on Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard.

The 28-year-old boxer was arrested in recent weeks when he was accused of domestic violence by the mother of his one-year-old daughtera fact that Davis flatly denied and in which the woman would later withdraw the charges made.

The fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan García would not be at risk

After Gervonta Davis pleaded guilty, the big unknown is the expected fight against Ryan García and for which Óscar de la Hoya has worked tirelessly. Reports indicate that The sentence against Gervonta would be the one handed down on May 5, while the aforementioned fight would be for early or mid-April.

Thus It remains to be seen if Gervonta would reach the expected lawsuit in full compliance with her conditions or if, on the contrary, she would be psychologically affected by the process she has been experiencing and that places him as the protagonist outside the ring. The last fight of the American boxer was against the Dominican Héctor Luis García in January, at the same time he defeated him via technical knockout.

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