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Gerard Piqué would have received money for publishing his photo with Clara Chía

Piqué and Shakira had a 12-year relationship.

Photo: PAU BARRENA / AFP / Getty Images

The theme of the breakup of Gerard Piqué and Shakira stings and spreads. After the song by the Colombian singer came out, the answers of the ex player of the FC Barcelona have not taken in appearing. From the Kings League the former defender would have already used the brands Casio and Twingo in response to mentions of the topic. But the most controversial of all has to do with a photograph with Clara Chia that he posted on social networks allegedly for money.

By the time the post came out it was a real media bombshell. The ex defender of the FC Barcelona posed for a selfie with the girl that Shakira alludes to so much in her song produced by Bizarrap. But sharing this post would have fundamental interests.

According to information from the Tagger portal, compiled by RingMX, Gerard Piqué would have received financial compensation for uploading the photograph with Clara Chia. The portal indicates that the Spanish would have received close to $70,000 dollars for sharing the popular selfie on their social networks. However, the source does not detail where the money comes from.

The Kings League, a gold mine

Despite the fact that Piqué would have accepted money for the publication of the photograph, the economic issue is not a problem for Spanishespecially with the success of the kings league. This seven-a-side soccer tournament has gone down very well among soccer lovers and users of the Twich platform. This is a tournament that has brought together great sports, television and internet personalities. During each day gigantic audience figures are achieved, even comparable to Spanish football matches.

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