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Gerard Piqué to Ronaldinho: “As a child I wanted to be like you”

Ronaldinho in a tribute paid by PSG.

Photo: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images

Gerard Piqué confessed to Ronaldinho that as a child he wanted to be like him and that he was always the idol of his childhoodthe statement was made in the interview he conducted with Ibai Llanos, prior to what will be the participation of the Brazilian star in the Kings League, which became official yesterday and that he will be playing with the Porcinos FC team.

Welcome, Barcelona has always been your second home for you and being with you is a pleasure for us. You know that the Kings League project is something we started recently and having you there is a source of pride“, said Gerard Piqué to Ronaldinho at the beginning of the brief interview.

For me who saw you as a child, you were my idol and I wanted to be like you, like many children and the fact that you are here fills us with satisfaction“Pique reiterated.

Immediately afterwards, the former Catalan footballer questioned Ronaldinho about his knowledge of the competition, to which the Brazilian replied with his classic smile: “Alright, I know everything, let’s have fun“.

The same way Ibai Llanos highlighted the importance of Ronaldinho’s presence in the competition and that it be known a little more in Brazil, a country where he confessed that they want to arrive with the competition that began this year and that until now has been a complete success.

Questioned by Ibai Llanos about his facet as a player on the foot volleyball beaches, Ronaldinho indicated that it is something he totally likes: “It’s what I like the most, better than being there all day in a gym“.

Nevertheless, Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos reminded Ronaldinho of his debut with FC Barcelonawhich took place at 12:05 at night and where the Brazilian star scored an unforgettable goal, a fact with which Dinho joked and recalled that it was the only game he has played at that time and that if he had played more he would have been the best in the world.

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