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Gerard Piqué released Dani Alves’ hand in his alleged rape case

Alves and Piqué played together for eight seasons.

Photo: Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The exfutbolista of the FC Barcelona Gerard Piqué has assured this Tuesday that it would be very hard, “even more than justice”with his ex-partner Daniel Alvesif it is shown that The Brazilian is guilty of the alleged rape of a young woman in a nightclub Barcelona on December 30.

In an interview granted to the program ‘El Món a RAC1’, the former center-back has acknowledged that the case for which the Brazilian footballer is in pretrial detention and without bail “It is very complicated” and he has confessed that, when the news was confirmed, it left him “in a state of shock”.

Piqué, who when he was a member of the ranks of Barcelona shared a dressing room with Dani Alves during eight and a half seasonshas defended the presumption of innocence of his former partner, although he has stressed that If the facts are proven, “you have to be inflexible” with the Brazilian.

It is a host with an open hand to all. A host of reality, to ask yourself: how could it have happened? If it really happened you have to be very hard with him and with everyone who does something like that; I would even be tougher than what justice dictates ”, he has valued.

In this sense, Piqué has indicated that if the judge decides that Dani Alves is guilty of the crime, “will have to abide” and help the victim.

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