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Gerard Piqué put Clara Chía in his house while Shakira was away

Shakira and Gerard Piqué with their children Milan and Sasha when they were still a couple.

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Since it became known the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piquémany comments have emerged, especially after it was confirmed that the former soccer player has a love relationship with one of his Kosmos employees and current new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

Although led to believe The relationship between Piqué and Clara Chía had started after his break with ShakiraEverything seems to indicate that the man was already dating his current girlfriend when he was still in a relationship with the mother of his children. A new video published by the journalist Nuria Marín, would confirm that The ex-FC Barcelona player’s girlfriend was in their mansion in Barcelona when they were still together.

In the audiovisual material one sees Gerard Piqué streaming on August 17, 2021 and Clara Chía appears walking behind him and reflected in the windows of the house. Home that still belongs to Shakira and that the couple shared when they were supposedly still together.

This virtual meeting that the ex-soccer player had with Ibai Llanos Garateaa youtuber and Spanish sports presenter, he did it from the house he shared with Shakira and where not only their children Milan and Sasha live but the parents of both the athlete and the Colombian singerIndicating that he would have taken his current partner, Clara Chía, to his home when the singer was traveling.

Marín indicated that one weekend of that month Shakira had to travel outside of Spain with her children.so also Pique He had a party with some of his friends and acquaintances. What aroused reactions was that this meeting was attended by richie puig in the company of Gemma Iglesias, a woman who introduced the former defender of the FC Barcelona and Clara Chía Martí.

Although in this video it is not possible to see a perfect frame, Yes, you can see a bit of Chía’s profile and her long blonde hair. Another detail that drew attention is thatshe is seen walking around the house very calmly, as if he were a member of space.

This video would confirm the statements he gave Jordi Martinthe Spanish journalist who followed Shakira’s footsteps since 2010 and who assured that Clara and Piqué have been dating for longer than they have been led to believe and that they would have had time fooling Shak.

In addition, friends of the 23-year-old assure that the aforementioned couple began dating three years ago, after meeting at a Davis Cup event in 2019, After that they met again at the Bar La Traviesa and from then on their love affair arose.

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