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Gerard Piqué mocked Clara Chía Martí after she hit a fence while avoiding a reporter (Video)

Gerard Piqué at a press conference in Andorra.

Photo: RAYMOND ROIG/AFP/Getty Images

While Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Martí were taking a walk through the streets of Barcelona, ​​Spain, a reporter accosted them. In her eagerness to escape, the 23-year-old ended up hitting a billboard and making the former soccer player explode with laughter.

The video went viral on different social networks and was captured by a worker from the Europa Press news agency. In the recording it is seen how the Catalan is walking with Clara holding hands and when Piqué notices the camera, he speeds up, leaving the young woman behind, but without letting go.

It was at that moment that she, while trying to hide behind the former soccer player, ended up crashing into an advertisement. In the clip, the moment of the blow is fully audible, which caused Piqué to turn his gaze to laugh at what happened.

At no time while the cameras were recording did the former player stop to inquire about his girlfriend’s condition after the coup, although he did respond to the reporter’s questioning when he asked about “anxiety” suffered by Clara.

This caused even more laughter in Gerard and by way of mockery he replied: “Anxiety, really?” He said with Clara in the background laughing at the situation. The interviewer quickly corrected his expression. The journalist continued talking with the couple while he was walking and Piqué had to deny that the young woman’s birthday was “tomorrow”.

“If tomorrow is the birthday, but what have you taken?, what do you say? If not tomorrow, ”she replied. When the reporter clarified the date, the 35-year-old Catalan insisted: “Yes, I know it’s day seven, but I think you’re wrong. The truth has been good to try (…) it has been very good, the truth. We have had a good time, ”she concluded after arriving at a building which she entered.

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