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Gerard Piqué: Javier Ceriani went into his house and spoke to the chef who “betrayed” Shakira

Gerard Piqué.

Photo: Robert Marquard. /Getty Images

Yesterday we anticipate that Javier Ceriani from ‘Chisme No Like’ had traveled to Barcelona to try to interview Gerardo Piqué, Clara Chía and Shakira herself. With his intrepid transgression, he entered the house of the former Barça player and to his surprise The chef who allegedly betrayed the singer was found.

Ceriani interviewed the neighbors and the businesses that are in the area where Piqué and Clara live… Everyone spoke highly of the couple and they even told him that Shakira’s ex takes out the garbage himself.

In his style, the host of ‘Gossip No Like’ managed to go one step further and one of Piqué’s neighbors let him into the building. Crouched on the stairs that connects the fifth floor with the sixth where the couple lives, Ceriani waited and to his surprise who arrived was the one who until a few weeks ago was the chef of the family, or more precisely Shakira’s.

Shakira with the chef who abandoned her for Piqué
Shakira with the chef who abandoned her for Piqué. Photo: Shakira Global

Let’s remember that Marcela Sarmiento, in ‘Despierta América’, told that the young man had given up on the singer, telling her that he wanted to open his own restaurantbut that Shak later found out, through his son Milan, that the chef was working with Piqué for which he would have dedicated the last post he wrote about treason to him.

Y Ceriani actually found out when he saw him enter Piqué’s apartment where the chef himself confirmed that he worked for the couple and even let him know that he missed Shakira!

How was that Ceriani exclusive? Watch it below…


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