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Gerard Piqué is booed at the ESLAND Awards; the assistants dedicated a good whistle to him in the National Auditorium

Since Gerard Piqué he was left as the villain in the breakup with his ex-partner Shakira, countless people They have dedicated themselves to mocking and attacking the former soccer player on social networks, as a sign of their disapproval of his actions. Y one more example of this happened this Sunday during the delivery of the ESLAND Awardsgranted to content creators on Streaming platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch.

When the former defender of FC Barcelona had a lightning appearance on one of the screens of the National Auditorium, the venue where the awards were given, the audience in attendance launched a unison whistle that was recorded on video and went viral on social networks.

Piqué appeared because his friend Ibai Plains was nominated for Best Podcast of the Year and in the capsule where his nomination was announced there was a fragment in which he interviewed him in his program “Chatting quietly”. It was only a few seconds that the former world champion appeared, but enough for the boo to be heard.

“Do you know what is happening? That I would make very radical changes ”, is what he answers Ibai in the clip when he asks him what he would change in the Spanish league, although his phrase is the least of it, since the note was taken away by the reaction of those present.

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