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Geraldine Bazán was about to be part of the Trevi-Andrade clan

A few days ago a journalistic investigation was released in which he pointed out that the scandal for corruption of minors in which Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade are involved is still in force, since one of those affected is seeking to sue the Mexican singer via civil law.

After this became relevant in Mexico and the United States 20 years after what happened, this news had an impact on the actress Geraldine Bazán, who told the program “Suelta la sopa” that when he was 13 years old, in 1996, he auditioned for Sergio Andrade.

The person who prevented Geraldine from being in danger was Rosalba Ortiz, her mother, who for many years was involved in her artistic activity, which kept her safe from any eventuality, because if she had continued the process, she probably would have been part of the called “Clan Trevi-Andrade”.

Bazán shared that the casting he did was at a private home in Mexico City, where he had to do artistic tests.shortly before the scandal broke out in all the media in Mexico and other countries.

“Until that moment, nothing was known about what happened next, and then my mother always went with me. I remember that we went into a house and then they put me in a little room ‘wait here and think about why you are going to make a scene’ and then they had another of the girls in another room”.

Geraldine recalled: “Then they told me ‘oh, your mom is waiting for you here’, because my mom went with me. My mom waited for me in the car for five minutes.five minutes later I heard that he played and that he came in and then yes, they did the casting for me, he made me sing, I think I was about 13 (years old)”.

Faced with this situation, Mrs. Rosalba decided to remove her daughter from the place, considering that there were strange situations, for which reason the way in which Sergio Andrade’s team carried out the artistic tests was not common to her. “The truth is that soon after the bomb was released from everything that was happening”.

“They put me in a room to wait, my mother was outside because they told her to let the girl go in alone, my mother saw that she was not coming out, she knocked, she entered for me and we left. Afterwards, absolutely everything was known, ”she recalled.

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