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Geraldine Bazán speaks for the first time about her father and reveals that she continues to have contact with him

After Mrs. Rosalba Ortiz uncover that Geraldine Bazan she does not have a relationship with her father and that it was her decision to have moved away, it was the same the actress who denied her mother’s version, assuring that it is not like that and they still have contact and even lives with all his paternal family.

It was during a recent meeting with the media at the Mexico City airport, where the villain of the telenovela ‘Corona de Lágrimas 2’ broke the silence around her relationship with her father, and for the first time revealed that they continue to hang out.

Of course we have contact, he lives in Guadalajara and we have contact, In fact, I adore my family in Guadalajara, I have many uncles and cousins ​​who I love very much, they come a lot too, I have a lot of contact with my family in Guadalajara,” he explained.

And although he has been characterized by not talking about his personal life, Bazán had no problem denying his mother, revealing that she likes to make this type of statement to attract attention, but what she revealed is not true.

It should be noted that the controversy arose a few days ago when Mrs. Rosalba Ortiz went to the Ventaneando program, where she pointed out that her marriage did not work out, so she decided to take care of her two children on her own.

It was then that he remembered that he told his daughter to contact her father on important dates such as birthdays, Christmas or New Year and they talked, but finally the actress would have decided to distance herself.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the parent-child relationship came to an end. It was their decision“, Rosalba shared.

He also revealed other details about how the alleged breakup arose, where he stressed that Geraldine Bazán’s father lives in Mexico, specifically in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

“There came a time when she told me: ‘Mom, men demand their responsibility when they pay, when they are providers. If they don’t give, they go around making other families and other relationships. So I was not interested in being paid for my time, silence and peace of mind. Geraldine’s father lives in Guadalajara, ”she explained in an interview with patty chapoy.

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