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Geraldine Bazán shows one of her daughters singing Shakira’s song with Bizarrap

the theme of Shakira with bizarre continues to be successful worldwide, and now she was the Mexican actress Geraldine Bazan who let him see it in a video that she herself recorded on board a car, while her daughter Alexa and a friend of hers accompanied her, who apparently are big fans of the Colombian singer.

In the clip the little ones sing the chorus of “Music sessions #53” while Geraldine comments “I don’t even know it”, to later encourage them to do the choreography that Shakira has become very popular in recent days and that in instagram So far, it has more than five million likes.

Netizens immediately started writing comments about the video.assuming that Bazán could address the song to his ex-partner, the actor Gabriel Sotowho began a relationship with Irina Baeva more than three years ago. Some of the messages were: “There they talk to Soto”, “they buried soto too 😅😅😅”, “Irína-mind goes to Soto” and “a very direct hint 😂😂😂😂”.

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