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Geraldine Bazán reacts to comparisons with Shakira calling her “smart” and “brave”

Geraldine Bazán is compared to Shakira on social networks.

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The BZRP Music Sessions #53 by Shakira and Bizarrap continues to rock not only on music platforms, as social networks have also become one of the favorite showcases when it comes to controversy and on this occasion, in addition to millions of fans around the world, some celebrities who at some point in their lives They have suffered some infidelity, they took advantage of the moment to express their support for the Colombian interpreter, while others have confessed to feeling identified.

Following the release of the Shakira and Bizarrap collaboration, song dedicated to soccer player Gerard Piqué and his current romance with Clara ChíaComparisons with several celebrities who also went through an episode of infidelity have emerged on social networks. This was the case of Geraldine Bazán, who in 2019 experienced her separation from the father of her two daughters, Gabriel Sotoin the midst of the controversy over an alleged infidelity of the actor, because shortly after he confirmed his courtship with the also actress Irina Baeva.

And although Gabriel Soto currently has wedding plans and has shown that his relationship with the Russian native is very serious, who has not escaped the comparisons with Shakira was Geraldine Bazán; but on this occasion she revealed that she receives the messages that are generated on social networks about her with an absolute sense of humor.

It was exactly through the stories of her official Instagram account where the villain of the TelevisaUnivision soap opera ‘Corona de Lágrimas 2’ resumed the publication of a montage that she made in Yessenia Barraza’s photographic studio, where the cover of the successful collaboration of Shakira and Bizarrap, but the Colombian artist is replaced by none other than Geraldine Bazán.

What people say? Now they made me laugh“Wrote the Mexican actress.

But that was not all, since before the uproar that his reaction was generated, he clarified shortly after that he really enjoyed this joke and even reflected on the courageous decision that Shakira made to talk about the “humiliation” she suffered.

“Clearly what was previously published is a joke, they seriously go too far! What a laugh it made me, so much so that even a repost was earned. Life is a raffle, a carnival, today we are here tomorrow we are not… But you learn that with your experiences and I think that Shakira is a marketing crack, very brave to be so frontal and very intelligent to turn around the pain and humiliation that he experienced and also bill the way it will, “wrote Gabriel Soto’s ex.

Geraldine Bazán reacts to comparisons with Shakira. / Photo: Instagram Stories @geraldinebazan

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