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Geraldine Bazán breaks the silence, did she dedicate Shakira’s controversial song to Gabriel Soto? | VIDEO

The song Sessions #53 by Shakira and Bizarrap, which caused controversy between the Colombian and Gerard Piqué, has caused a revolution for many women. Well, social networks have been flooded with dedications to ex-partners and there has been much speculation that one of them could be Geraldine Bazanwho they say dedicated it to Gabriel Soto. But she decided to break the silence about it.

And it is that this famous melody was sung and danced by the daughters of Bazán and Soto. What caught the attention of many users, Well, they assured that Geraldine had indirectly sent a message to her ex-husband by posting the video of her daughters dancing the choreography of this song.

Since this melody refers to the infidelity incurred by a man who ended up leaving his partner for someone “just like him”, which could also fit with the context of Bazán and Gabriel Soto.

Well, just as it happened with Piqué, prior to his breakup with Shakira, Gabriel Soto had already been seen with his current partner, Irina Baevabefore his divorce with the actress from “Corona de Lágrimas” was official.

Who even later declared that the sports journalist from Russia had gotten into her relationship with the father of her daughters.

For this reason, during a press conference, the reporters did not resist the temptation and decided to confront Geraldine Bazán, questioning her about whether that innocent video that she published on her insta stories and went viral was actually a hint for Gabriel Soto.

And unlike the attitude she tends to take when asked about her ex-husband, this time Geraldine Bazán was not afraid to answer the question.

Assuring that, although it was not the time, he had to make it clear that his life no longer revolved around the protagonist of “Mi Camino es Amarte”.

“The truth is that I think that a lot of time has passed and it is ridiculous that they believe that everything I can say or do has to do with someone who has nothing to do with me, so, let’s see, that is a subject that is a world boom, not only my daughter, all her friends from school know the choreography and the song much more than any of us, the song is a world boom and nothing I can say or do has anything to do with anyone more in life”

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