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Geraldine Bazán breaks the silence and comes out in defense of Gloria Trevi before a new lawsuit related to Sergio Andrade

Geraldine Bazan He is back in public scrutiny after Gabriel Soto’s own ex revealed that she attended a casting with the controversial producer, Sergio Andrade.

Which, according to statements by the actress herself, became somewhat “strange”, Therefore, he considers that the producer had the intention of integrating him into the famous “Clan Trevi-Andrade”.

However, just a few hours ago he touched on the subject again on social networks and assured that in that unfortunate episode he was not Gloria Trevifor which he separated her from any accusation or accusation that her statements could have caused.

It was on the reality show, “Villain Secrets” where Geraldine pointed out that she was around 13 years old. when Sergio Andrade offered to do a casting for her in a mysterious location to which her mother, Rosalba Ortiz, was not allowed to enter.

“My mom at that moment saw things that were complicated or weird, or that it wasn’t a normal casting, and she simply told me ‘let’s go’ and we left. And the truth is that after a short time she dropped the bombshell of everything that was happening ”

After all the commotion caused by his statements, Bazán used his Twitter profile to issue a statement in which he clarified that Gloria Trevi had nothing to do with this “strange” casting that he did with Sergio Andrade during his adolescence.

“Regarding the notes and comments that arose from a situation that I recounted, which I experienced in my adolescence regarding the importance of parental care for their children. It seems very important to me to clarify that I never mentioned Gloria Trevi since it was not her with whom I lived it, now as adults we have had the opportunity to meet each other and I am very sorry to be in the midst of these comments with whom I have only received respect ”

After Geraldine Bazán’s statement, Gloria Trevi appeared in her publication and thanked her for clarifying that she had nothing to do with it and also took the opportunity to express her affection for him.

“Geraldine, thank you for clarifying, this speaks of your integrity and not letting yourself be used to commit injustices, you are brave, a good daughter, a good mother, a good human being, that’s why so many people love you”

This is due to the recent demand that Trevi faces again after alleged complaints in California for having committed the crimes of corruption of minors and child traffickingl during the 1990s against two women who were then 13 and 15 years old respectively.

The lawsuit ensures that the producer approached the minors to invite them to a kind of artistic training program and that when Gloria Trevi entered the scene, she allegedly took charge of preparing them to be the famous producer’s sex slaves.

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