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Gerad Piqué and his agreement with Casio ruined sponsorship of a president of the Kings League

One of the Kings League presidents watching a match.

Photo: PAU BARRENA / AFP / Getty Images

During the Kings League program that is usually done one day after the Sunday matchday, the streamer and president of Porcinos FC, Ibai Llanos, revealed that because of Gerard Piqué’s joke and his agreement with Casio, the owner of one of the teams lost an important sponsorship that had already closed with a brand.

According to Llanos, Piqué’s grace would have cost the owner of the Trunks, known as Perxita, money. “Because of Gerard Piqué’s funny with Casio, a mark fell off,” he said, Although he did not initially reveal who it was, he did specify that it was someone who was on the program via video call.

The partners present played discard and that was when they realized who it was. “Perxita tells the story,” asked Ibai. “Perxita dropped something else because of you,” he added. “Referring to Casio?” The former defender was interested. “Well, a brand that maybe you should pay for,” he told Piqué, the Basque content creator.

However, the former FC Barcelona player was concerned about the details of the situation and asked if “Was it a watch brand?” He also assured that he will return the money from the agreement with Casio to this streamer as compensation for his frustrated agreement. “I have the entrance photo, I’ll show it and I’ll pass it on to you if you want,” said the former player.

In the first days of the Kings League, the 35-year-old Catalan wanted to offer a funny response to the Bizarrap session in which Shakira hit him hard and compared his new partner, Clara Chía Martí, with the Casio brand and the car model for Renault Twingo.

This caused the former player to close agreements with both companies and in a broadcast of a competition program he would wear and give away Casio watches. On the next day of the Kings League, he arrived driving a Twingo model car.

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