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George Michael’s family says they are not involved in the production of a biopic about the singer

George Michael passed away in 2016 from heart disease.

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Since a few days ago The Daily Mail reported that a biographical tape about the British singer george michael was in pre-production, with the actor Theo James in the leading role, Now, the family of the former member of the duet Wham! has reported that she is not involved in the plans for that film.

In a statement, those in charge of Michael’s estate informed about it: “To all fans and lovers of George’s music, A story has been published about George Michael’s family backing an alleged “biographical film” about his life. On behalf of George’s family and the group George Michael Entertainmentwe want to make it clear that there is nothing true in this story, we do not know anything about this project and we will not support it in any way”.

George Michael passed away in December 2016 from heart disease related to his fatty liver. Apparently the aforementioned tape -of which the name of the director has not been revealed- would be in the same vein as other films about the lives of celebrities such as Freddy Mercury, Elton John, Whitney Houston Y Elvis Presley.

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