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Gastric sleeve, obesity surgery in Turkey

The gastric sleeve – also known as gastric tube, gastric sleeve or sleeve gastrectomy – has become the obesity surgery procedure that has grown the most worldwide in the last decade.

B.Benefits of the Gastric Sleeve

In this way, this technique that, on the one hand, allows to reduce the capacity of the stomach by 80%, (making the patient feel satiated with small amounts of food) and on the other hand causes changes in the hormonal mechanism (making it easier for the patient to have less appetite) has become the most demanded option today.

Obesity surgery in Turkey. Is it a safe option?

The increased popularity of this technique and the low rate of complications it currently has, despite being a obesity surgeryhas made many patients feel attracted by the differences in gastric sleeve price in turkey regarding Spain. However, our duty as specialists in the treatment of overweight and obesity is to report what it can mean Obesity surgery in Turkey. We explain it below:

  • Obesity surgery is NOT putting on hair. Just a few days ago we saw this news about a man from Huelva who plans to travel to turkey for obesity surgery. The news headline is really scary. Obesity surgery It is NOT putting on hair. Two procedures are being compared that, at the level of risks, possible complications and most importantly, MEDICAL FOLLOW-UP, have nothing to do with each other. Obesity is a chronic disease that with techniques of stomach reduction allows for easier treatment. But it requires important work after the fact of medical follow-up and monitoring of the patient in order to treat obesity.
  • Obesity surgery price in Turkey. This is undoubtedly the main claim. The price of the gastric sleeve or the gastric bypass price they are somewhat lower in Turkey. Often the difference does not exceed €2,000. Is it worth for that price to assume all these inconveniences?
    • Linguistic and cultural barrier.
    • commuting
    • Absence of medical follow-up or subsequent contact. What happens after the intervention when you return to your country? What happens if there are complications? Who do you call or go to if something doesn’t work as planned? What about the reviews?… not to mention the quality standards that are not the same in all countries.
  • Taking unnecessary risks: It is true that with any surgical intervention, whatever it is, we face risks. Obesity surgery in Spain It has become a fairly safe option in general terms. Currently the complication rates of operations stomach reduction such as gastric tube They are similar to those that an appendicitis intervention can have. Does the same thing happen in Turkey? The truth is that we do not know it, however, news such as this one of a 17-year-old girl from Seville who died in a stomach reduction in Turkey make us reflect on the quality standards that are applied in this type of obesity surgery interventions in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • What we do know about Obesity Surgery in Turkey. What we do know is that in the best of cases and when the Obesity surgery intervention has been moderately successful, in the medium-long term there are many options for the patient to have doubts or problems about different aspects related to the intervention. Vitamin deficiency, weight regain, etc… and in the end these patients end up going to clinics like Obymed specialists in the treatment of overweight and obesity in SevilleLas Palmas, Tenerife and Madrid that we have a history of more than 20 years and more than 5,000 patients treated.

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