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Gastric balloon in Turkey – Obymed

The Gastric balloon it is a helpful tool but the treatment is much more than the placement of the device. In the same way that it happens with other interventions such as gastric sleevemany patients are attracted by offers of Gastric balloon in other countries such as Turkey.

One of the key points of the treatment is undoubtedly medical follow-up, such as the one offered by Obymed besides his multidisciplinary monitoring that accompanies each treatment. The balloon placement and removal procedure, although obviously important, is not as important as good follow-up. A follow-up that must be carried out by a multidisciplinary medical team made up of nutritionists, psychologists, a sports coach, etc. that accompanies the patient to achieve their objective.

Is it a good idea to do the gastric balloon in turkey?

  • Medical follow-up: How is a correct medical follow-up of 6 or 12 months carried out remotely? How are cultural and language barriers overcome? What happens if there is a problem once the patient returns to his country? Quality standards: Are they the same in all countries?
  • Gastric Balloon Price in Turkey: What is behind a cheaper price? What Gastric Balloon device is offered in these offers? For example, at Obymed we only work with balloons Orbera. It is the best valued gastric balloon, with the longest track record and the most scientific studies published to date that support its effectiveness.
  • Price difference gastric balloon in turkey: Is it really that much of a difference? Does it include travel expenses? What happens if I have to do some displacement afterwards? What is included and what is not in the price?

In short, before making a decision such as going to Turkey to lose weight, as overweight and obesity treatment professionals our duty is to invite reflection in relation to this type of decision. Treating obesity is a serious issue that is well worth evaluating rigorously.

At Obymed we are Obesity specialized center where we always find the best technique adapted to each patient.

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you on this path.

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