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Gasoline Aid of R$300: Find out who can receive it

The BRL 300 gasoline aid will be directed towards two specific audiences, and for this reason, it is important to check whether you fit one option or another to have the right to receive the amount and be able to work.

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Who is entitled to the benefit?

Only individual self-employed drivers will be entitled to R$300.00 gasoline aid. Taxi drivers and drivers who work with mobile applications will be included in this receipt.

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The amount of R$ 100.00 will be directed specifically to drivers of motorcycles with up to 125 cc. This is a factor that should be analyzed before requesting the BRL 300 fuel allowance.

What is the payment date for the fuel allowance?

No date has been released, as 2022 is an election year. Due to this factor in particular, it is not possible to distribute goods free of charge, nor values ​​in benefits by the Public Administration.

Which is the gasoline assistance?

This is a bill that aims to create rules to help stabilize fuel prices, which has been approved by the Senate since March 10th. The project will go through Chamber of Deputies for approval.

The gasoline allowance of R$300 is focused on trying to reduce these impacts caused by the increase in gasoline prices, which reaches the final consumer. In this case, an amount of R$ 3 billion would be allocated to pay for the benefit.

How to receive Gasoline aid?

This gasoline voucher will help citizens enrolled in the Auxílio Brasil beneficiary program, who have a per capita monthly income of three minimum wages. It will be paid in two different ways, and targeted at different audiences.

The full amount of R$300 will be specific to people who act as self-employed, and R$100 to motorcyclists who have motorcycles of up to 125 cc. If you meet one of these requirements, stay tuned for news on our website.

It is important that all people included in the Auxílio Brasil, remain connected to the news from Mundo das Tribos to know when they will be able to receive the R$300 Gasoline Aid. Stay tuned on our website!

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