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Gas voucher: R$ 52 starts to be paid

This Tuesday, the 3rd, the Diário da União published the three rules that will be required to be part of the new Gas-Aid Program for Brazilians, the so-called gas voucher.

The program will have payment that will account for half the value of the product in the national average in the weight of 13 kg. Understand better.

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Who has the right?

Families registered with CadÚnico who have an income per member less than or equal to half the minimum wage and also those who are part of the Continued Benefit may benefit from this right (BPC??

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Families that will have priorities in the gas voucher are those that have women as heads of household and also those with female victims of violence.

Other criteria for priority are those that have: CadÚnico data that have been updated in a maximum of 2 years; lower per capita income; greater number of constituents in the family; have the receipt of the Auxílio Brasil and the registration be qualified by the manager, through the use of data verification when available.

How does Vale-gas work?

According to a study carried out last semester by the National Petroleum Agency, the amount paid for the program was R$ 52. According to this study, the average price found for an average 13-kilogram cylinder is R$ 102.46.

Also according to this study, the forecast is that gas will increase to R$ 112.48 next year, which will make the benefit rise to R$ 56 in the year 2022.

The payment of Vale-gás will start in December and the next installment will be paid in February, which means that the benefit will be paid every two months.

The value, however, will not be able to supply half the value of a gas cylinder in 17 states, according to the survey by the Metrópoles portal.

The transfer of the amount will be carried out by Caixa Econômica through the Caixa Tem application.

What is the duration of the program?

The program will have an initial duration of 5 years.

In the next few days, the official schedule of the program will be published, which will contain more information about this benefit.

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