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Gas Social Assistance is approved for low-income families

Find out here how the Social Gas Aid guarantee process will work for low-income families.

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What is Social Gas Assistance?

Auxílio Gás Social is a governmental social program, created exclusively to subsidize the price of cooking gas for low-income families, that is, those who do not have any financial condition to buy a gas cylinder.

Furthermore, with the rise in the price of cooking gas, people find other ways to substitute it for preparing meals, such as the use of alcohol and charcoal. The big problem in question is that, as pointed out by Deputy Christiano Aureo (PP-RJ), cases of tragedies of people using alcohol and charcoal to prepare their daily meals are being reported frequently. With this, it should be said that the Social Gas Aid was also created to prevent this type of accident in the Brazilian needy society.

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The text of the Social Gas Aid was forwarded to the voting process in the Federal Senate, since the Chamber of Deputies approved it on August 29, 2021.

How will the Social Gas Aid guarantee process work for low-income families?

According to the approved text, the Ministry of the City is responsible for, within a period of two months, creating the criteria that define which families are to be benefited, as well as the period, the way of operationalization and the method of payment of the benefit, in which its installments cannot exceed two months. In addition, the Executive Branch is authorized to directly pay the Social Gas Aid benefit to low-income families in the form of income transfer.

Social Gas Aid is also guaranteed for families registered in CadÚnico (Cadastro Único) in social programs of a government nature, who have a per capita monthly family income less than or equal to half a minimum wage or have a family member who is insured under the Continuing Provision Benefit (BPC).

A presentation was made on how the Social Gas Assistance guarantee process for low-income families will work.

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