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Gas aid consultation: how to do it?

Making a gas aid consultation to verify the amount to be received and buying the cylinder can be a complicated time for some people, but know that it is practical and very quick to do. For this, have in your hands the Auxílio Brasil app installed on your cell phone and enter your NIS and CPF information.

What this article covers:

How much is the gas allowance?

The Gas Aid will be half the value of the 13 kg cylinder, which we buy over the months. Also, due to an Amendment No. 123 of 2022, it allowed installments every two months with the full value of this product. To check if you are entitled, just access the app and start the gas aid consultation!

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This is a method intended to help low-income people who cannot afford to pay more than R$ 110.00 in a cylinder. Unfortunately, with the high prices we have nowadays, it becomes almost impossible for most Brazilian citizens to buy a mere item like this.

How do I get the Gas Aid?

To perform the gas aid query, you can use your Auxílio Brasil app and enter your CPF and NIS number. In addition to this, you have the possibility to use Caixa Tem with your CPF, call the Caixa service on 111 or the Ministry of Citizenship with the telephone number 121.

Making the gas aid consultation is a very simple process, which can be checked every two months to find the information you need about the receipt. Payments always take place every two months, which is the period when gas usually runs out.

How do I apply for gas assistance?

Now that you have learned how to make the gas aid consultation, know that people registered with CadÚnico with a monthly income of less than half the minimum wage may be entitled to receive the benefit.

How do I apply for gas assistance?
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It turns out that, as much as you are, in fact, inserted in the Single Registry, there will be an obligation to wait a period of two months to have the chance to be chosen. There are very specific criteria established by the Ministry of Citizenship, which aims to prioritize those with a lower income than the required one who pass in front. If you are selected, just make the gas allowance consultation to be received.

What is the deadline to apply for gas aid?

As we explained to you, even if you make the gas aid consultation, it will not help because it is necessary to be approved in the program. When we say this, it means that after being registered you need to wait for the call that happens every two months.

Those who have low income will be selected with very few conditions to pay the price of a 13 kg cylinder, or if you are a woman victim of domestic violence you will have the right to receive. Those who receive the BPC are now more likely to receive this aid.

Remember, if you do not have an active and updated registration with CadÚnico, it is interesting that you look for the CRAS closest to your neighborhood, and take your documents to be registered and be entitled to receive the benefits offered by the Federal Government. That way, you will do the gas aid consultation at your home!

What are the documents to register with CadÚnico and request the Auxílio Gás?

The head of the family must have his or her own documents, such as the CPF/RG or electoral card, and the documentation of the other family members who live with you. It can be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, work card or RG.

“But I don’t have documents, now what?” No problem! You can request the 1st copy of your birth certificate which is free of charge or ask for your RG and CPF. All low-income citizens have more than the right to request documentation free of charge.

With this content, you found out more about the gas aid consultation, and how to request it, so enter the Government portal and see if it fits the guidelines.

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