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Gardens in small spaces: how to do it

The garden is an environment that, when well assembled, is capable of transforming the look of the residence. It represents the possibility of contact between residents and nature, in addition to offering moments of well-being and tranquility. Internal or external, the residential garden will need landscaping in the right measure.

Compact garden set up on the balcony of an apartment. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Small garden space

When setting up the garden🇧🇷 people often find it difficult to deal with small areas. Limited space limits the cultivation of certain plants and requires compact elements so as not to suffocate the garden. Residents’ living habits also influence the choice of trees, flowers and foliage that will compose the gardening environment.

Take into account the available space and then choose the plants for the garden. (Photo: Disclosure)

How to make a small garden?

To prepare a good landscape project🇧🇷 it is important first to define whether the garden will be covered or outdoors. In houses that do not have a backyard, it is common to assemble an internal environment called a winter garden. The lack of a spacious outdoor area makes apartment dwellers turn their balconies into small, cozy and beautiful gardens.

A small garden has the advantage of being cozier and providing facilities for taking care of plants. However, it is necessary to periodically worry about the maintenance of the area so that the landscaping remains preserved and composts healthy elements.

When setting up a small garden at home, try to gather plants that have similar needs in the same environment, that is, depend on the same survival conditions. The resident needs to acquire the habit of taking care of the plants, worrying about watering, fertilizer and lighting.

The vertical garden is a good option for small spaces.

Solutions for decorating small gardens

An interesting solution to take advantage of small garden space is the use of vases. Large, medium or small, these containers make the plants more organized and help to decorate the area. Despite all the advantages that are associated with growing in pots, it is important to be careful to choose the most appropriate model.

The ceramic vase is a good option for cultivation, after all, it does not interfere with the breathing of plants. Nutrients that allow development need to be provided through fertilizer and irrigation, taking into account the needs of each species. It is recommended that fertilization be carried out at least twice a year, but soil moisture needs to be checked every week.

Small and medium-sized plants are the most recommended for growing in gardens with little space. Among the options, it is worth mentioning azaleas, gardenias, pruned myrtles, boxwoods, irises, moray eels, begonias and peace lilies. In addition to potted plants, another solution for small areas is to take advantage of the walls through landscaping, such as setting up a vertical garden.🇧🇷 Another very cool tip for those looking to make a small garden is to use pots with plants inside, there is a range of plant options to be grown in pots. I hope you liked the tips.

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