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Gardens for small houses: tips

In order to preserve, to be in contact with nature or simply because they like plants, many people think of cultivating a garden. However, as space is not always adequate, many give up on the idea. Although the place is not that big, it is possible to cultivate gardens for small houses, with the help of some strategies. Check out!

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Gardens for small houses

For a plantation, it is necessary to have at least 50 cm of soil. (Photo Disclosure)

Analyzing the space is the first thing to do. It is necessary to check if the place has good, medium or low light, since not all plants are ideal for places with intense and direct light.

When setting up the garden, you can plan it in two ways: cultivate a vertical panel or use several vases and place them in the same place. In the case of pots, you need to choose them beforehand, so that you can – according to size and quantity – determine which plant species to cultivate.

The vertical panel is ideal for gardens in small houses. (Photo Disclosure)

The vertical panel is ideal for gardens in small houses🇧🇷 It consists of a single vertical piece, where several vases can be installed vertically. Tip: Plants such as ferns, orchids, deer antlers, princess earrings and bromeliads are great options for growing in vertical pots.

Care before planting

Plants such as ferns, orchids, princess earrings and bromeliads are good options for vertical vases. (Photo Disclosure)

Before cultivating a garden, some precautions must be taken. Start by draining the soil so that the water runs off properly. Create a layer of gravel and sand and then place the earth, making it a very soft soil for the plants to grow quickly. Tip: For a plantation, it is necessary to have at least 50 cm of soil. The ideal is to develop a garden with plants that are easy to plant and cultivate. The tip is to put perennial species, which will look beautiful all the time and won’t be a problem to clean the floor all the time.

The Garden can be made only of green plants (Photo: Disclosure)

Tips for gardening in a small house

To make a garden you need to think of several items to fit the chosen environment. One of the most important are the flowers, as they depend on several factors to adapt to different environments, with more sun, with less sun, humid, among others. Check out some tips below:

– Imperial Bromeliad: this flower matches any garden and in small places. It is a beautiful flower that attracts attention and is easy to maintain.

– Vases: the vases are perfect for those looking to make a garden for small houses, they are beautiful and have several formats to fit in any corner. There are numerous flowers that adapt in vases, in addition to making a cheap decoration;

– Decoration of the walls: the decoration of the walls must match the plants, remember that harmony is fundamental in a decoration. If you are growing colorful flowers, the walls should be neutral you can add details and some wooden accessories;

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