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Garden for apartments: plant tips

Not every plant is suitable for an apartment. Many species need daily light. For places that don’t have any clarity, the tip is to opt for the São Jorge spear and the zamioculca. Fan palms, pinanga and bamboo camedorea are ideal for places with some lighting. And there’s more! Because they don’t require so much care, cacti and succulents are also great alternatives. Check below some plant tips for apartment gardens.

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Apartment plant tips

Begonia leaves call attention: they have varied shapes and are usually colorful. (Photo Disclosure)

Spear of Saint George: With plump and vertical leaves, the plant has a very illustrative aspect. Because it is very resistant, it can be planted in gardens as well as in stone vases for indoor environments. It needs to be watered at home for 15 days and kept in half light.

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Begonia: They are ideal for vase decorations. Its leaves draw attention: they have varied shapes and are usually colorful. Its plantation must be carried out in fertile lands and in environments sheltered from winds, cold and sunlight.

The Chamaedórea Palm is one of the best known apartment plants. (Photo Disclosure)

Jade: It’s a mini tree. It takes a while to bloom, but it’s worth the wait. Its flowers are bluish-green in color. It is a plant that adapts to moist soils. It’s very easy to care for.

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stone rose: Stores water in leaves and stems. It is often used to make arrangements in vases with others of the same species, as it has a contour similar to that of a rose. It needs to be watered at least once a week.

More options

Minicactus are great for composing vases. (Photo Disclosure)

mini cacti: They are great for composing vases. It cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. To know when to water it, check if the soil is dry. Watering is usually weekly.

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Chamaedorea Palm: One of the best known apartment plans. It does well in damp places. As it likes moist soil, it is a plant that should be watered at least twice a week.

After knowing some species of apartment plants, try to buy the one that best suits your lifestyle. If your day to day is quite hectic, plants with weekly watering are the best.

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