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Galilea Montijo opens her heart and confesses the most toxic relationship she had and led her to suddenly lose weight

personal life of Galilee Montijo She has had her ups and downs like anyone else, but at this stage where she is about to turn 50, she decided that it was time to open her heart and recount passages from her life that have filled her with experience, such as her love relationships.

And it is that Gali has starred in various romances that have been under the eye of the hurricane such as the one he had with the famous ex-soccer player, Cuauhtémoc Blanco.

But this time he decided to put those controversies aside and come clean by revealing his most stormy relationship and that put his health in check, since he had a toxic courtship where he weighed just 91 pounds (41 kilos).

During one more broadcast of the Televisa program “Netas Divinas”, The host of “Hoy” could not contain her tears when talking about this relationship that hurt her so much.

In this episode, Galilea was questioned about a relationship in which at a certain moment she realized that it was not good for her to continue in it, but that she did not dare to leave it, be it out of fear or for some other reason.

Although Montijo stressed that each of the complicated relationships he has had he has managed to overcome successfully, there was one in particular that was too “toxic”. Gali recalled that with her then partner she did not feel that she was enough, and this led her to lose a lot of weight.

The actress also confessed that it was very difficult for her to get out of this relationship, despite the fact that her partner used to come home with shirts stained with red lipstick, which for her denoted infidelity.

“It was the relationship where it was most difficult for me to leave and where I felt the ugliest in life, physically. It got to a point where I felt…listen to this. I now weigh 152 pounds. I mean, I have my hips. In that relationship I weighed 90 pounds.”


Despite the fact that she had to live through this hard moment, Gali was more than surprised to remember this moment in her life. When she began to analyze what she was living for, it was when one of her friends asked her if she was taking drugs.a comment that made her reconsider regarding her physical appearance since, she assured, he looked very bad due to his low weight

“I have never taken drugs, the truth, thank God, has never given me that. But it was the anguish, the insecurity, they stepped on me… really, it completely destroyed my self-esteem and I felt horrible and I didn’t know how to get out of that relationship”.

To date, Galilea is still grateful for having decided to get out of that relationship and assured that she would not go through something similar again since her past relationships have taught her a lot.

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