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Galilea Montijo is honest and reveals that she is estranged from her 10-year-old son

Galilee Montijo She is one of the celebrities who becomes a trend with every detail that tells of her life. And this time she is no exception, after she talked about the relationship she has with her 10-year-old son Mateo.

It was in a talk with the famous magazine People in Spanish, Montijo, one of the most famous conductors in our country, He confessed that his only son has made it clear to him that for the moment he prefers to stay away from the reflectors of the showdespite the fact that she is one of the great figures.

During the talk, the also presenter of “Netas Divinas” explained that Mateo is entering pre-adolescence. For what she has told him that he does not want to appear on television or accompany her to the commitments that he has on the small screen.

“Mom I don’t want to appear on TV, don’t take me”, the little one would have said to his famous mother. On the other hand, Andrea Legarreta’s partner in “Hoy” said that Mateo has accompanied her to television forums since he was little.

But he understands that over the years he no longer wants to appear on television. He argued that this “distancing” may be occurring due to the stage that the little one is currently experiencing.

“I’ll see later if he still wants to accompany me to the recordings”


It should be remembered that, a few years ago, Galilea Montijo stole all the spotlights after introducing her son Mateo, the product of her relationship with her husband, Fernando Reina.

The little one has appeared in programs such as “Little Giants” and the “Hoy program”, in addition, the woman from Guadalajara revealed that she was also part of the audience in “Who is the mask?”

The 49-year-old host has established herself as one of the great figures of the show thanks to the excellent work she does as the headline of the morning newspaper “Hoy”so pretty much everything he says goes viral.

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