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Galilea Montijo is honest about the changes she has faced due to menopause

With the humor and honesty that characterizes her, the host Galilee Montijo He spoke like never before about the challenges he has recently faced as a product of the stage that began at the age of 49, the menopause.

It was during an episode of ‘Netas Divinas’ that the woman from Guadalajara confessed that after living through this physiological period conditioned by hormonal changes, it has been impossible for her to lose weight.

“I don’t know what stage you are in or if you are in menopause, but I have 10 kilos above and there is no way, despite the fact that I go with my bariatrician, for me to lose 100 grams,” he explained. before the cameras of the program.

Despite this, Galilea Montijo assured that she felt more and more comfortable with herself, especially after accepting that it is a normal stage in the life of every woman. “Today I feel comfortable with my body, I don’t know if happy, but comfortable,” she added.

The presenter’s confession did not take long to arouse the empathy of her colleagues Consuelo Duval and Paola Rojas. The latter did not miss the opportunity to flatter the former beauty queen and argue from her that if she lived through menopause like her, she would feel “a real winner.”

“What you say is very encouraging and I am serious. If you gained 10 kilos and you are like this, in one of those, I have a hip, ”she said with a smile from ear to ear.

In response, the also host of the morning program “Hoy” explained that it has been a long process, but she has finally decided to accept the changes that come. “I believe that there comes an age where you no longer have to fight with the wrinkle, or with the cellulite, or with the kilos,” he concluded.

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