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Galilea Montijo is honest about how she has experienced menopause and how she confused it with a pregnancy

The Mexican driver Galilee Montijo He does not stop generating popularity after returning undisputed on the morning show “Hoy”, a broadcast in which he has shared great moments of his life such as the announcement that he was expecting his first child, among others.

A couple of years ago, the Guadalajara driver confessed that she came to think that she was expecting her second child. However, it was a big change not only in her body but in her adult life. Well, it is worth mentioning that Galilea Montijo this 2023 will celebrate his 50 years of age, so obviously the changes in his body began some time ago.

It was during the Televisa program, “Netas Divinas”, a broadcast in which Galilea Montijo is also the host, she spoke about the changes that women undergo through the years and that is how she shared the anecdote with her companions That time when she thought she was pregnant.

According to Galilea herself, things did not go well at this stage because she had many symptoms that he had never felt, because everything came together since he experienced this just when he was first infected with COVID-19 and he was also going through the mourning of the death of Magda Rodríguez.

“It was very bad for me, you know, the embarrassment, it was a thing of ‘why does this give me, yes, it will surely lower me’; I realized that I was no longer going to get off when my producer dies, I get Covid, I talk to my doctor and he asks what to do, what should I stop taking ”


Given the concern of the woman from Guadalajara, her family doctor recommended that she stop taking contraceptives for the next three months, however, after this time her period had not yet arrived and it was this that precisely alerted her and made her think that could be pregnant.

Due to the above, Galilea Montijo underwent a series of studies to find out whether or not he was she was pregnant when confirming that she would not become a mother for the second time, her doctors confirmed that it was menopause.

It should be noted that this was experienced by Gali two years ago when she was 47; Finally, the host shared with her colleagues that what she is most grateful for that she has already finished that stage is that she no longer has to suffer from hot flashes or the desire that made her cry over everything.

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