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Galilea Montijo confesses that she had colleagues on ‘Hoy’ that she didn’t like and she let them know: “It happens a lot”

Galilee Montijo opened up on television about living with some colleagues, confessing that He has not gotten along with everyone in the ‘Hoy’ program and has even let them knowalthough there are also those with whom living together is more pleasant.

It was in the Unicable program ‘Netas Divinas’ that she hosts together with Paola Rojas, Daniela Magún and Consuelo Duval, where the Jalisco presenter was asked if she had ever had to exaggerate something and then had to pay the consequences, to which, without much thought, she replied that she tends to express too much how affectionate she is, but also what she doesn’t like.

I exaggerate in my loveIn drama, I don’t think it’s very dramatic, but I do exaggerate as in my affection, but I don’t regret exaggerating in that or showing my affection, because when I want, I want a lot, and when I don’t want I also show it. So then it also happened to me a little bit, because I don’t get the (false) ”, she mentioned.

Immediately, the actress also pointed out that she prefers to be sincere when it comes to showing sympathy, but when it is not like that, it has caused her some problems.

“That has brought me many consequences, I don’t like you and I let you know and I like you too… I am very fond, but this part of When I don’t like someone, I let them know.… without being rude, eh!”, he added, to later clarify that he prefers to be very “frontal” without being rude, which is why he does not open the door of his home very much to everyone, only to people with whom he gets along good.

But that was not all, since Montijo stressed that she is also grateful when she meets people who confront her to tell her that they do not like them.

“I prefer a thousand those people who let me know… we don’t get along, bye. I really appreciate it,” she added.

But when she was questioned directly by her colleagues if this situation has arisen at work, she ended up confessing that in the Televisa morning show she has had to work with colleagues that she does not understand and has even told them face to face, although fortunately for her they have had to abandon the project.

“At work it happens a lotThey pay us to entertain them. It has happened to me in Hoy with certain characters, characters that have passed, not even that have stayed, but we have made it known to each other because it is not that we are going to be friends, because it happens with men and with women, but I always prefer frontal people, ”he explained.

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