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Galentine’s day – celebrate Valentine’s Day with your besties

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. If you don’t feel like surrounding yourself with pink fluffy hearts, romantic dinners and cute couples, you can celebrate Galentine’s day instead. Gather your best friends and send all the love to them. Here we list seven things you can do together.

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How wonderful is it to have a day where you direct all the love you have to your best friends? They usually say that love comes and goes but friends last, it’s a rather clichéd concept but it’s true. Sometimes it may feel difficult to come up with something new to do, few things compare to a cozy dinner, but sometimes you want to broaden your horizons. Here are our best tips for a successful Galentine’s day.

1. Have a baking day

Organize your own little “The whole of Sweden is baking”, in this case it’s “The whole gang of friends is baking”. Decide on a theme (perhaps Galentine’s day) and then you will bake something that fits in with that theme. Afterwards you can enjoy each other’s pastries and have a wonderful evening. If you want, you can nominate a winner, but the risk is that there may be a bad atmosphere. Especially if you’re dealing with bad losers.

2. Sing karaoke

How much fun is it to sing (shout if we’re being honest) your favorite song with your best friends? Go out to a karaoke club or fix it at home. The most important thing is that there is music and good snacks.

3. Arrange a painting dinner

Uh, say what!? You might be thinking now, but it’s not as strange as it sounds (just a little). Start by inviting a lovely group of friends, fix a dinner or cook something together. Now for the important part, at each location you set out paint brushes, paints and paper. Then write some nouns, verbs and feelings on some pieces of paper and put them in three different jars (one for each word class). During dinner, you each draw a note and paint what is written on the note. You can either mix the words wildly or start with one word class at a time. Set a time and start painting! This dinner will elicit lots of laughter and will be incredibly fun.

4. Have movie marathons

Select the best girl power movies and sit on the couch and enjoy. Stock up on plenty of snacks!

5. Have a pajama party

You’re never too old to have a pajama party. Load up with mattresses, good food, good movies and fun games and have an absolutely fantastic evening together with your best friends. In the morning, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast together before continuing the day separately.

6. Have a home spa

If there’s one thing you deserve more than anything else, it’s a relaxing spa day. Let everyone bring their favorite products and take care of each other. Apply face masks, have a foot bath and anything you feel like doing. Valentine’s Day is all about love and what is more important than the love for yourself?

7. Cook dinner

Cook a good dinner together and enjoy each other’s company. As we wrote further up, there are few things that beat a dinner together with good friends.

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