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Gadgets to save electricity at home

If you would like to save electricity at homefind out which are the best gadgets so that your electricity bills are lower.

Technology has not only helped to facilitate daily activities or make many tasks practical, but it has also led in the search to reduce the consumption of resources and their impact. In this sense, some of the most popular advances are devices that reduce the use of electrical energy.

These devices are a great way to reduce the monthly expenses that energy consumption can cause. Therefore, if you have just turn on the light in your new home or you are simply looking for the best gadgets for save electricity at homein Vivanuncios we share everything about these devices.

What are the best gadgets for save electricity at home?

  • Voltage regulator
  • programmable contacts
  • led bulbs
  • multi-contact strip
  • automatic thermostats

Voltage regulator

The voltage regulator is one of the most popular gadgets for saving electricity. This device is responsible for protecting devices connected to a power outlet with voltage variations. Its function is to adjust the current to a normal value, in order to reduce the energy received by a device.

In addition to avoiding the deterioration of appliances, by reducing the electrical energy that they also receive, energy is saved, which as a consequence will help reduce your monthly consumption. Though choose a house with good electrical installation It is essential, if in your neighborhood there are constant power outages, these devices will be very useful.

programmable contacts

These are other devices that could be very useful if you are looking for save electricity at home. These smart plugs will take care of turning your appliances on and off for you. With them, if you are not using an electrical device, you can be sure that it is not consuming electricity.

Programmable outlets are often used in water heaters, humidifiers, and other electronics that are not supposed to be active at night. However, you can also use it with other devices such as your cell phone charger, your laptop or your television. In the market you will find contacts that you can program from a mobile application, which can send alarms to the user when they spend excessively on electricity.

led bulbs

LED bulbs, by making efficient use of the electrical energy they receive, help reduce your electricity bills. They are recognized because they consume less electricity than traditional light bulbs and do not generate heat. Other advantages are that they turn on instantly and their useful life is long.

It is considered a method of how to save electricity at home because, compared to normal and energy-saving bulbs, these bulbs have more years of use and generate significantly less consumption.

multi-contact strip

The multi-contact strip, also known as an electrical shoe or power strip, is a practical tool that prevents various devices from going into stand-by mode when we are not using them. This mode is part of the electricity consumption that we do not perceive and what happens when the appliances are connected to the electric current.

Although we may come to believe that not using equipment means that less energy is spent, the truth is that all electrical devices that are connected to the current continue to consume electrical energy. It is for this reason that this electrical consumption is also called “phantom consumption”.

The stand-by energy of the devices is kept in our devices to keep some LEDs on or to power the systems responsible for instant ignition. The multi-contact strips, by having a single switch or a stand-by regulator, allow you to cut off the flow of electrical current when the appliance is not in use.

automatic thermostats

Finally, another of the devices that could help you with the task of how to save electricity at home are the automatic thermostats or smart. Thanks to the fact that technological development has advanced, today, from an automation application, we can control devices that consume energy in our home.

Thermostats can be a problem for our electricity bills, because they work for long periods to achieve the desired cooling or heating conditions. In addition, they can stay activated and consume more energy when you are sleeping or you are not at home.

However, with the most advanced thermostats you can program these functions so that when you no longer use them they are automatically deactivated. This is a function that will allow you to save energy.

doHow to save electricity at home?

In addition to our tips on how to save electricity at homebelow, we share some recommendations to use these devices in the best way and reduce your monthly electricity consumption.

Maintain electrical installations

Before installing any of the gadgets for save electricity at home, we recommend you to maintain the electrical installation of your home. Check that all connections and power outlets are in good condition. If not, consult a professional in the area and make the necessary repairs.

This step is extremely important because you must make sure that there are no short circuits that may be affecting your appliances or increasing the level of energy they consume. Once the energy installations are in the best state, you will be able to easily detect why your bills are so high.

Find the best electricity saving gadgets for you

Regardless of whether your problem is that your thermostat spends too much time activated and you do not remember to turn it off or that you have too many devices that remain on stand-by all day, you can find a suitable gadget for you.

Check the options that we share with you and invest in the ones that are very necessary, over time you could include the rest of the devices. In addition to choosing the most useful ones, we also suggest that you pay special attention to the rooms where you spend more time, what other changes could you make to consume less light in those spaces?

Monitor your consumption when using electricity saving gadgets

Keep track of your electricity bills, especially before and after including any of the light-saving gadgets in the rooms. Even if you only start by changing the traditional bulbs to LED bulbs, analyze the changes in monthly expenses that have occurred.

This will allow you to check if your actions to save are working or what is really necessary to include in your home to see significant changes in your bill. Use high-efficiency gadgets to see changes in your energy expenditure and consumption meters.

Try some of the best gadgets for save electricity at home and reduce your expenses for this service. Also, if you are about to buy a home, we invite you to discover the City halls with fewer electrical failures in CDMX.

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