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Gaby Spanic showed a transparent dress lower during her getaway to Egypt

What a stir the actress caused Gaby Spanic after turning to his Instagram account to share a taste of what he experienced during his getaway to Egypt. However, the star of the show was the revealing outfit she chose for the occasion. Here we tell you the details!

This December season, the protagonist of melodramas such as “Land of passions” and “I am your owner” decided to celebrate in a different way than in previous years. For this reason, The famous undertook an adventure with her loved ones, to a dream tourist destination: Egypt.

As part of his journey, Spanic visited the iconic pyramids built to worship the pharaohs. And although the stunning setting shocked his followers, It was the outfit that she chose for the occasion that sparked a wave of comments on the networks.

It was a very tight black dress with transparencies that completely revealed the lingerie set that the famous woman was wearing underneath. And if that was not enough, her white underwear accentuated her assets and left very little to the imagination.

“Building memories that will live in our family albums,” wrote the Venezuelan to accompany the carousel of images that just a few hours after being published, it has already collected just over 35,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Cleopatra, is that you?”; “Middle East receiving the queen from her”; “I am very your fan”; “Egyptian Goddess!”; “I love photos. Memories that were marked forever in their hearts” and “Much-deserved vacation, working woman” are some of the comments that can be read under the publication.

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