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Gaby Spanic and Sabine Moussier open up about the crisis in their sexual lives | VIDEO

The reality show “Secretos de Villanas” continues to give people something to talk about despite having already experienced the end of its first season.

This time the fans revived on social networks the recent statements of some of the members of this show, which was made up of the actresses Geraldine Bazan, Gabriela spanic, Cynthia Klitbo, Sabine MoussierAylín Mujica and Sarah Mintz and the same that is broadcast through the free streaming platform, Canela.TV.

In said program, the actresses who have captivated viewers with their excellent interpretations of the most remembered villains have put aside the work that has brought them fame to make them known as they really are and the joys, sorrows, triumphs and failures they have had to face.

But not everything is evil, nor sadness, because in “Secretos de Villanas”, the actresses have also made mischievous confessions of their personal lives, such is the case of Gabriela Spanic and Sabine Moussier who during a dinner revealed how long they have not had intimate relationships.

During one of the episodes of “Secretos de Villanas”, while all the actresses were having dinner, The subject of sexual relations came up, and before this the first to say without mincing words that her intimate life is no longer active was the Venezuelan Gabriela Spanic.

And it is that Spanic who was next to Cynthia Klitbo and Aylín Mujica revealed that since It has been approximately five years since he has had intimate relations with a partner, which caused the astonishment of the aforementioned actresses..

And it is that while Aylín Mujica assures that due to his abstinence he has a beautiful complexion, Klitbo assures the opposite: “making love does not age, of course not, you make endorphins, it gives you happiness.”

After this, Spanic assures that although he does not have intimate activity, he does indulge himself; Given the comments of Gaby, Aylín, Cynthia and Geraldine, who decided not to say anything about it were Sabine Moussier and Sarah Mintz.

However, in one of the recordings in which they appear alone, Sabine Moussier revealed that she, like Gabriela Spanic, has not had sex for some time.

“1 year 3 months 2 days, without someone loving me, this one died, she died earlier, we were born at the same time and she died earlier, why? Someone come rescue her please.”

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