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Gaby Espino gave a chair of sensuality and elegance with a dangerous opening look

Gaby Espino.

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images

With a smile from ear to ear, the Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino He conquered the public on social networks thanks to the impressive look he wore for a social event. Read on to find out the details!

It was from her official Instagram account that the protagonist of melodramas such as “The Devil Knows More” and “An Eye for an Eye” He gave a taste of what he experienced during his week through a fun carousel of images.

However, her stunning silhouette did not go unnoticed by her digital community, which was accentuated by the nude-colored maxi dress with an opening at her waist. Also, her long blonde hair fluttered in the wind thanks to the twist that gave a better look at her outfit.

“Cheers my life…! Thank you for so much! 🤍🚀 it’s not worth it, levels!!!!!”, wrote Gaby Espino to accompany the publication that just a few hours after being shared, it had already collected thousands of likes and comments.

Among the comments that reigned under the publication, compliments and gestures of appreciation for his words stood out. “Beautiful sister!!!!! Radiant. Let nothing and no one turn off your light. I adore you ”,“ Like this or more beautiful ”,“ I love to see you happy ”and“ Precious ”, are some of the responses she got.

This popular session came just a few days after another heart-stopping photograph with which Gaby Espino swept Instagram. On that occasion, the Venezuelan stood out for showing herself without a drop of makeup and in a simple outfit that consisted of cargo pants and a white shirt.

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