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Fury is back in the first trailer for ‘Secret Invasion’ • ENTER.CO

“I’m the last person standing between them and what they really want”, is the phrase with which Marvel published the first (public) trailer for ‘Secret Invasion’, the new Disney Plus original series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new trailer confirms what we assumed: Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) returns to investigate and stop a Skrull faction.

In the opening seconds we see Fury talking to James Rhodes, who threatens Fury with jail time. For his part, Nick warns him of the approaching invasion of earth. This makes sense, after the trailer revealed at this year’s Comic-Con, where we saw Fury coming out of a spaceship. Maria Hill then reads the Law of Mutiny that she will have to submit to for having left the land.

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In this new production, Fury will join forces with Talos to prevent the Skrull invasion. Apparently, one of the most important features of the series is that it will not be possible to know who is Skrull and who is human. In fact, in the trailer we see Talos entering a room, where he confronts Ben-Adir, while other Skurlls surround both characters, adopting the same appearance as Ben-Adir. Although we do not have an official date, the series is scheduled to have its debut next year (2023) on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

image: Marvel

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