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Furniture and decoration trends 2015

Whenever a new year begins, many people love to change the look of the house, leaving aside the style adopted in the past. If you also intend to renovate the residence, be sure to check the information on furniture and decoration trends 2015 in the following matter.

Furniture and decoration trends 2015 (Illustrative Photo)

To renew the look of the property, some people bet on their own creativity, making changes to the decor according to their tastes and preferences. Others prefer to check first what is being pointed out as a trend for the season.

In the case of 2015, one of the decoration trends is to keep mixing the old with the modern, making a beautiful and elegant combination, something that I have seen being adopted for some years. But besides that, there are other styles that promise to be successful this year.

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What this article covers:

Furniture and decoration trends 2015

Ethnic style decoration (Illustrative Photo)

One of 2015 decor trends it is the ethnic style, which returns in full force, highlighting the beauty of objects that make the environment more beautiful and welcoming. This style is marked mainly by the mixture of cultures and influences.

The mixture of styles and materials, in the same environment, should also appear prominently in the 2015 season, allowing a lot of daring, in the mixture of pieces, colors and objects, creating a beautiful and, at the same time, functional environment, in addition to being completely personalized. .

Style do it yourself (Illustrative Photo)

Something that also promises to thrive in 2015 is the “do it yourself” style, involving small projects with recycled or old items, which go far beyond the traditional pet bottles. Thus, you save good money, make the house more beautiful and still contribute to preserving the environment.

In the case of furniture, rustic wood, which gained strength throughout 2014, arrives strongly in 2015, and can appear anywhere in the residence, bringing a differentiated and elegant air to the room in which it is present, whether on tables, chairs , shelves, beds, sofas, etc.

Other trends for decoration in 2015

Light fixtures gain a lot of strength in 2015 (Illustrative Photo)

Some of the other bets for the decoration 2015 are:

– Appreciation of light fixtures, in different sizes, formats and styles, appearing in the entrance hall, in the living room, at the head of the bed, etc.

– Persian rugs, completing the elegance of an environment.

– The mix of vibrant colors, creating a happy environment full of positive energies.

– Embossed 3D wallpapers.

– Scandinavian style (minimalist, casual and relaxed, for those who want to innovate in a simple way).

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