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Functional and elegant chest decoration

learn to make a functional and elegant trunk decoration🇧🇷 This piece has become increasingly popular in Brazilian homes, after all, it manages to make environments more beautiful and also offers a space to store objects. Versatile and super useful, the trunk has a guaranteed place in any corner of the house.

Decoration with a functional and elegant trunk. (Ilustrative Photo)

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Chest in the living room decor

The trunk can be a great ally in decorating the living room, after all, it works as support and compartment at the same time. You can place this piece in the corner of the room, right next to the sofa or armchair. It is also possible to use the trunk as a coffee table. The result is super stylish and functional.

Room decoration with chest. (Ilustrative Photo)

In addition to making the decoration of the room more beautiful, the trunk serves to store various items, such as crockery, magazines, books and DVDs.

Chest in bedroom decor

If the challenge is to decorate the bedroom with a trunk, then it is worth betting on a very large model, to place at the foot of the bed or in some other empty corner of the room. This piece serves to store items such as blankets, sheets and pillows.

Chest in bedroom decor. (Ilustrative Photo)

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old chest

To leave the decoration of a certain environment with a more retro air, it is worth betting on an old trunk. The piece usually has a rustic design, which values ​​materials such as demolition wood, reeds, straw or leather. You can even turn an old travel bag into a super stylish trunk to place in the center of the room or in the corner of the bedroom.

Old trunk leaves the environment with a retro touch. (Ilustrative Photo)

modern trunk

Many people associate the trunk as a retro decor element, but this is not always the case. This decorative piece can also be found in modern versions, which work well in contemporary environments. The models value straight lines, neutral colors and minimalist characteristics. The most used materials in the manufacture of modern trunks are: metal, lacquer, acrylic and fabric.

Where to buy trunk?

If you want to buy a chest to decorate your home, then get to know the models available for sale in the store. mobile🇧🇷 The site has pieces with different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Prices range from R$179.99 to R$1999.99.

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Put the tips into practice functional and elegant trunk decoration🇧🇷 Surely, the rooms in your house will be more beautiful, personalized and charming. Continue to Mundo das Tribos and see other subjects that teach decorating.

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