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Funan Gerard Piqué for leaving his children in the rain at Shakira’s house and leaving with the trunk open

Gerard Piqué driving one of his cars.

Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images

Through social networks, a video became a trend where you can see Gerard Piqué arriving at Shakira’s residence in one of his cars to leave his children. However, the Catalan would be criticized, because his little ones had to get wet while waiting for the door of the house to be opened for them.

The clip was initially released by the Europa Press agency and you can see how the former player leaves Milan and Sasha at the door of the residence and in the middle of heavy rain, but without getting out of the vehicle. This generated strong criticism of Piqué on social networks, where they accused him of being careless and a bad father.

“It’s a shame that it’s not collaborative. I can already imagine a Piqué excusing himself from the meetings of the parents of the school”; “What father is this? So crazy that he leaves with the door open ”; “This Gerardo, if he becomes dumber, he is not born”, were some of the reactions of Internet users.

The audiovisual ends with the children entering the residence and him leaving with the trunk of the vehicle open. In the video, the moment in which someone yells at him warning him is fully audible.

Since the relationship with Shakira came to an end, Piqué has avoided any public contact with the Colombian. His visits to the singer’s house tend to occur often, but only to look for or leave her little ones with whom he spends the weekend on several occasions.

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