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Fun children’s beds: photos, tips, prices

The bed is considered the most important item in the children’s room🇧🇷 It provides a comfortable night’s sleep and good rest for the child. Depending on the model, the bed can also become an element for a fun decoration🇧🇷

Wooden bed with slide. (Photo: Disclosure)

In order for the little resident to identify with their bed, parents can bet on the purchase of a differentiated product. This care helps to overcome the difficulties of leaving the crib and accepting a new sleeping accommodation.

Children from 3 to 7 years old are usually delighted with the playful and themed bed models🇧🇷 These pieces of furniture usually have a strategic design to provide fun or value a character that is part of the children’s repertoire.

What this article covers:

Tips for fun children’s beds

Check below some tips on fun children’s beds🇧🇷

• As much fun as a bed is, it is always important to check if the model offers a safe structure;

• A child bed chosen must be in accordance with the decoration of the room, especially when there is a thematic proposal;

• The bed inspired by the favorite character helps the child feel more secure and overcome the fear of sleeping alone;

Car-shaped bed. (Photo: Disclosure)

•Girls identify with delicate and romantic beds. Boys, on the other hand, like furniture that values ​​action and adventure proposals;

•The kitten Marie, Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie and the Disney Princesses are some characters that serve as inspiration for the female children’s beds;

• Ben 10, Spiderman and Batman are characters that serve as inspiration for the men’s children’s beds;

• Children’s beds can become fun because of the design. There are accommodations that adopt the car shape, pirate ship, spaceship, castle, hut, carriage and motorbike. These furniture are sure to give free rein to the child’s imagination;

• Children’s beds with a slide are a great option for a child’s bedroom. They are fun because they have a slide to connect the two parts of the bunk. The piece of furniture perfectly fulfills the proposal of bringing the Playground into the bedroom.

Fun kids beds prices

Bed with cabin and slide. (Photo: Disclosure)

check the fun bed prices🇧🇷

– Bed Cabana Eva 1309 w/ White Slide – Katzer for R$ 649.90 at Lojas Americanas.

– White Uvim bed with slide for BRL 1,064.98 at KD stores.

– Spider Man Bed Happy Pura Magia for R$ 459.00 at Tricae.

– Pura Magia Disney Princess Bed for R$ 899.00 at Tricae.

– Gelius Rally Single Car Bed for R$539.90 at Casas Bahia.

Pictures of fun children’s beds

See below for a selection of pictures of children’s beds and get inspired to put together a fun decoration for a children’s room:

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