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Full Worm Moon 2023: which zodiac signs will it affect the most?

The Worm full moon that takes place this Tuesday, March 7, is positioned on the sign of Virgo, bringing productivity, clarity and the desire to improve. This moment of lucidity, although it will illuminate the entire Zodiac, the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are the ones who will benefit the most from its effects.

The effects of all full moons are usually felt two to three days before their peak and up to 3 days after, according to astrology, which means that if your sign is mutable, you could feel its affectations more strongly.

Worm’s Full Moon It is one of the most special of the year because it is the last of winter and before spring. It is named “wormy” because Native Americans noticed that during this time worms began to re-emerge from the ground as the colder months passed, Farmer’s Almanac explained.

In addition to its curious name, this March lunation is one of the most beautiful as it is one of the most visible in the sky. According to Elite Daily, mutable zodiac signs will be greatly affected for the following reasons:

Worm’s Full Moon happens in your Fourth House, the person in charge of the home and family, this means that Geminis will analyze how they will be more productive and efficient at home. He might suddenly feel an urge to rearrange your furniture or be eager to help with a big move.

The full moon of March appears on this sign and being the protagonist of this beautiful lunation could have more tasks on the way than you had imagined. There is a possibility of feeling more stressedcommented the Elite Daily horoscope, however, you will be able to remove earrings from your list and see how far you have come in the big picture.

This lunation will illuminate the professional sector Sagittarius, meaning that you will have to get down to business. It will be a good time to focus on situations that you have overlooked, that is, not to create new action plans, but to tackle pending tasks.

The Worm full moon will touch your most sensitive fibers so it will call you to purify your sentimental life. You’ll suddenly be wiser to offer advice, but you won’t have to neglect your own needs. It’s easier to help when you’ve figured things out first.

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