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Full Wolf Moon 2023: do’s and don’ts to channel your energy

The first full moon of 2023 will grace the skies on January 6 and as it occurs in Cancer, an emotional water sign, the energy that will dominate this lunation will make us overly sensitive. How to channel this vibration? Astrology gives us the keys to what we should do and what not to do during the so-called Wolf Moon.

All full moons represent the end of the lunar cycle, but this one in particular is more special as it occurs in the first days of the year, so its energy is more powerful for changes. Besides, the Moon is the planetary ruler of Cancerexalting the loving, protective and emotional qualities of this zodiac sign.

What should we do on the full Moon of Lobo

Receive your emotions with open arms: As we mentioned, Cancer is ruled by the Moon so it’s the perfect time to embrace every emotion and feeling we receive, Bustle recommended in an article. This means receiving or releasing them, whichever the case.

Have a plan BLet’s remember that right now Mercury is retrograde, if you don’t want setbacks to put you in a bad mood, make a backup or alternative plan, so you will avoid being a victim of inconveniences.

Release what you don’t want: each full moon symbolizes closing cycles, and the emotional Wolf Moon in Cancer is ideal for letting go of all the energy that needs to flow. Start by getting rid of bad habits and closing the cycle with people who do not bring anything good to your life.

What not to do on the full Wolf Moon

stay in the past: Astrologers say that sentimentality due to nostalgia will be dominant, so we should not be seduced by the emotions of the past. For example, returning to the arms of an ex.

Ignore unusual ideas: The energy of this lunation, in combination with other planetary aspects, triggers a fertile environment for creative and unusual ideas. Take advantage of this moment of inspiration to create a list of solutions to problems.

lock yourself in your solitude: You may not feel like going out or doing anything as Cancer rules home and family so this is a good time to test your courage and heart.

With these astrological recommendations, you will be able to take advantage of the first full Moon of the year to start 2023 on the right foot.

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