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Full snow moon 2023: ritual to let go of what you do not want in your life

The full snow moon this Sunday, February 5, will help us free situations, emotions, habits and situations that we no longer want to balance our lives and thus feel more aligned with our goals.

This lunation occurs in Leo, a joyful, emotional, energetic, and self-centered fire sign, while the Sun is in its opposite sign, Aquarius, whose energy is more introverted, rational, and community-oriented.

It symbolizes a counterweight that will allow us to harmonize our astrological vibe, so it is a good time to release and let go. With this in mind, a ritual can help you eliminate negativity to make room for the new and positive that you will receive in the next lunar cycle.

Ritual for the Full Snow Moon 2023

For this release ritual you will need incense, a white candle, colored pens and a white sheet of paper.

The first thing we must do is clean our auraFor this, light the incense you have chosen and pass it all over your body, taking care not to burn yourself. Place it in the place where you will perform the ritual.

Now we have to prepare our mind and soul to release everything toxic. The Forever Conscious site recommends reciting the following prayer:

“My body is my temple, my heart is full of peace, my mind is clear and open, and I am ready to release. I release everything that is heavy, I release everything that weighs on my soul. I let it go. I let it go. I am restored and whole, my energy is flowing. I am in my power, I am in my strength, and from this place I hold the light for myself and for the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”.

Now take a few minutes to breathe calmly. When you are at a point of relaxation, focus your thoughts on all the things you want to release.

With your hands, cut 3 pieces of paper from the white sheet, write down on each of them and with a different color, the 3 main things you want to release.

Light the white candle with a match and leave it burning for a few minutes while you thank the universe for fulfilling your wishes.

Leave the three pieces of paper under the candle and in a place where they receive the rays of the full moon of February. Put out the candle with your fingers, never blow it out because the energy can go out. The next morning, she relights the candle and burns the 3 pieces of paper.

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