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Full Moon of September 2022: 3 rituals to attract and call abundance

Next September 10 there will be a full moon, the perfect opportunity to do our attraction ritualsand there will be no better time on the calendar if what you want is to call prosperity and attract abundance.

The full moon that occurs at the end of summer and near the fall equinox It is known as the Full Harvest Moon.according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, because our natural satellite rises about the same time as sunset, resulting in more daylight in the afternoon and giving farmers the opportunity to harvest more crops during the days they this lunation lasts.

If we transfer this activity to the spiritual plane, it means that September’s full moon is a giver of prosperity and as it happens in the sign of Pisces, it is the ideal opportunity to tune our emotions with our dreams of abundance.

Here are some easy things you can do during this full moon to attract abundance.

1. Ritual for prosperity with lemons

If for you prosperity means having more money in your pocket, this ritual is the one for you. According to Clarín, it should preferably be done on an odd day. As the full moon falls on the 10th, you must do it one day before, that is, on September 9.

Prepare a small altar by placing 3 lemons, a crystal glass filled with water mixed with salt and a small yellow or gold candle. She lights the candle with a match and asks “with my effort and energy I attract money and prosperity so that I lack nothing”.

When the candle is completely consumed, pour the water on the ground or in the toilet and place the 3 lemons in the room of your home where you spend the most time.

2. Ritual of the wallet to call abundance

The full moon of September will reach its peak in the early hours of September 10, so do this ritual in the morning. Take your wallet and remove everything inside it. With your most skillful hand or the one with which you usually receive money, take a bill, open the window and present it to the open air. Close your eyes and imagine that the energy of the moon reaches the ticket. Now do the same procedure with your wallet, but expose it completely open.

Finally, put only things that have to do with money, such as bills, coins and credit cards, in your wallet.

3. Full moon ritual for abundance in the home

This ritual is to attract health, love and money home and have a balance between these 3 things of utmost importance to us. According to Hechizo.net, author of this recipe, you will need 1 red candle, 1 green candle, 1 yellow candle, a plate, a handful of sugar, pencil, paper, scissors, and a medium bowl.

Light a match and burn the base of each of the candles to stick them on the plate in the shape of a triangle. Now light each candle starting with the red one, which symbolizes love, then the green one for health and finally the yellow one, which is money.

Make your wishes according to the theme of each candle and apply a pinch of sugar in the flame of the corresponding candle. The sugar that was spilled, save it because you will use it later.

Write each wish on the paper and leave it in the light of the full moon. The next morning you burn the paper and save the ashes.

When the candles are gone, collect the remaining wax, ashes, and sugar in a container that can be heated by fire. After a few minutes, turn it off and when it cools down, separate it into two halves. You should spread one around the house and the other keep it in your pockets.

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