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Full moon of March 2023: 3 rituals to clear bad energy and attract good luck

Each full moon is unique because of the energy that comes with it, although they all represent the climax of the lunar cycle, the opportunity to close cycles and offer a moment of liberation, not all of them have the same meaning. The one that occurs this Tuesday, March 7, is known as the Worm Moon and It is ideal to cleanse us of bad energy.

This full moon owes its name to the fact that this time of year is when the worms come out of the earth after the coldest months, indicating that winter is about to end to welcome spring, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The full moon of March appears on the sign of Virgo and while the Sun, Mercury and Neptune are located in Pisces, so we are more sensitive to emotions and fantasies, but Virgo makes us practical and illuminates aspects of daily life that require attention.

However, one all-important planetary aspect is occurring at the same time as the Worm Full Moon, Saturn, the planet of karma and discipline, is moving out of Aquarius and beginning to dip into Pisces territories, so this lunation ends a cycle that began on March 21, 2020, reviewed PopSugar.com in an article.

For these reasons, March’s full moon is perfect for clearing our energy and bring good luck. It doesn’t take much to tap into the magical vibe of this lunation. Some of the recommendations that can help us are the following:

purification rituals

A purification ritual is perfect to eliminate all the negative charge and the energy of the full moon in March will help us achieve this goal. Just light an incense and pass it all over your body to clean your auric field.

You can also choose to clean your quartz, this is done by dissolving two tablespoons of sea salt in water, put your crystals and leave them overnight in the moonlight. Thus they will recover their magnetism and become more powerful.

manifestation ritual

When the night comes, sit in a quiet place and in the light of the full moon, write on a sheet all the wishes that you would like to manifest in this lunar cycle. Try to be as specific as possible and write them in the present tense, remember that it is the only language that the universe understands.

Now light a white candle and read your wishes aloud. Thank the cosmos for this opportunity it offers you and then burn the sheet.

moon bath

In a jug of water dissolve a couple of generous tablespoons of sea salt and let it sit in the light of the full moon overnight. The next morning and after your morning shower, drink this water and rinse your body. According to Panoramawe.com.mx, this way you can better express your wishes.

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