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Full Moon of July 2022: which signs of the zodiac will benefit the most

The full moon that we will witness this Wednesday, July 13, is not only the first of summer 2022, as it is a supermoon it will be the biggest of the year and very special if you belong to one of the signs of the zodiac benefited by its wonderful energy.

Full moons, as full moons are also known, always occur when the Moon and Sun are in opposite signs. The next one happens with the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancerfor this reason, represents the balance point between emotions and reason, as well as pragmatic actions and goals.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline and success, so emotions take a backseat. Since the Moon is the star that governs emotions, the energy of our natural satellite is limited when it is located in the tenth sign.

This effect will naturally have more repercussions in the cardinal signs, according to astrologers in Elite Daily, so, in addition to being the most affected, they will also be the most benefited.

The theme of the professional career, be it called work or studies, will take an important place during the full moon of July. They will highlight responsibilities, structures and rules, this means that something you have tried to hide will come to light and you will have the opportunity to release it. Aries will build the foundation for his future, but he must make room to lay the pillars on which his success will be based.

Although it is one of the most affected signs, it will also be one of the most benefited. Although it seems contrasting, chiaroscuro will offer Cancer a new perspective in their personal relationships. Your partnerships will be tested for strength, and those that withstand the ravages of the full moon are destined to prosper.

Family secrets will be revealed at home which, despite sounding alarming, is actually a good thing. He will be inclined to build secure and reliable foundations in the home, this means that Libra will have to assume responsibilities within her family.

You will assess the parts of your identity that are buried, hidden, or have remained secret and need to be released. If you break the chains that limit you and prevent you from being the person you want, success is assuredas predicted by the stars.

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