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Full Moon of July 2022: Ritual to attract good fortune into your life

The full moon of the Deer that will occur this Wednesday, July 13, is very powerful to attract good fortune into your life and achieve your most important wishes.. A ritual can help you make your wishes heard by the universe.

in astrology full moons represent endings, closures of cycles and the opportunity to release aspects that you no longer want to be part of you.

The one we will witness in July 2022 is a supermoon so, in addition to being the first of the summer, it will be the biggest of the year. Naturally the energy for rituals will be more powerful, so this is the perfect time to channel your magic and attract luck.

The ritual that we have selected this time is very simple to perform and its effects are powerful. You will need some bay leaves, a glass of water, a pen and a blank sheet of paper..

Ritual for the full moon of July step by step

This moon spell should preferably be done at night, recommended the astrologer Esperanza Gracia, author of the ritual, on her online site. The steps to follow are those:

Step 1: List on the sheet of paper what you want. Try to be as specific as possible and while you write them down, visualize what it would feel like to be fulfilled.

Step 2: Place the sheet in a window or place where it receives the moon’s rays.

Step 3: put a glass of water on top of the leaf and cover the paper with the bay leaves.

Step 4: look at the moon, if you don’t see it, imagine it, and repeat these words out loud: “May the strength of the energy you give off help me achieve (read your wishes)”.

step 5: Leave the leaf with the glass and the laurel all night and the next morning, before dawn, keep your wishes and the laurel leaves in a drawer or box until they come true. Once they arrive, you must burn the paper and laurel.

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